Shower Seat Ergo-White Base
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Shower Seat Ergo-White Base

From $450.00

  • Adjustable legs: it adjusts to the gradient of the shower base.
  • Confortable: large seat with curved slats and smooth cushion.
  • Maximum comfort: with backrest and armrests.
  • Ideal for each place space saving when folded.
  • Optimum hygiene: removable smooth cushion.

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  • Finish : Epoxy-coated
  • Dimensions : 427 x 450 x 430 mm
  • Diameter Ø : 25 mm
  • Material : Aluminium

Foldaway seats with legs whose height can be adjusted to 100 mm and that are equipped with smooth shoes for 450, 500 to 550 mm height (it adjusts to the gradient of the shower base).
White epoxy-coated aluminium tube, Ø 25 mm.
Large size ergonomic seat, 4 curved slats in white polypropylene. Cushions in grey polyurethane like RAL 7012.
Enables users to sit down safely and comfortably while showering.

Finish Epoxy-coated
Color White
Dimensions 427 x 450 x 430 mm
Diameter Ø 25 mm
Material Aluminium
Gross weight 4.000 kg
Packaging Cardboard box + Label
CE Marking : safe load 150 kg
Laboratory tests 225 kg
Guarantee 10 years
Net weight 3.300 kg
Gencod 3563390478356
Custom code 7615200000



Careful consideration and selection of the appropriate wall fixings according to the wall-mounted support is required to ensure the long life of your accessory. The use of stainless steel screws (Ø 4 mm) is highly recommended to prevent corrosion in damp environment. Before drilling, physically hold the product against the wall at desired position and mark the hole locations. All the fixing points must be respected. After installation and before use, make sure that all fixing screws are tightened securely. The shower seat provides support and added safety if properly fitted in accordance with our technical instructions. For use in seated position. To guarantee the user safety, DO NOT rise up on the seat. When the seat is raised, DO NOT use it as a grab bar. To avoid any risks of pinching out, DO NOT put your fingers in the mobile parts. The product does not contains any dangerous substance for the health. We disclaim all liability for any personal injury resulting from inappropriate installation or use of this seat.


IMPORTANT: To ensure the sustainability of the product and user safety, we recommend using a solution made of mild soap for cleaning. CAUTION: DO NOT USE cleaning products made of: etones, hydrocarbons, acids, bases, esters and ethers. After use of a cleaning product, make a rinsing in the clear water.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 12 cm
Shower Seat Ergo-White Base

Ergo Series Shower Seat, Ergo Series Shower Seat w/Arm Rests & Backrests, Ergo Series Shower Seat-Adjustable Height, Ergo Series Shower Seat-Adjustable Height w/Armrests & BackRests


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