Manual Transfer Products

Manual Transfer Products

  • Safe, Reliable, and innovative moving, handling and transfer products.
  • Designed and manufactured in France in an ISO 13485 certified facility.
  • Sold and supported by Health Canada licensed establishment in Canada.
  • Industry leading design with wide range of patented products to serve needs of homecare and institutional clients.

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  • The gliding boards are designed to assist the patients with disabilties affecting their lower limbs.
  • The soft turn platform is used for repositioning patients on the side of the bed and pivoting transfers to the wheelchair or to the car seat.
  • The turn platform for ground is positioned under the patient’s feet and facilitates the rotating transfer.
  • The Easy belt is worn by the caregivers so as to stimulate the patient while controlling his movements.
  • Placed under the buttocks or behind the back, the Easy’Up strap can help with raising and rotating.


  • The transfer in lying down position can be done by using flexible or rigid systems depending on the support configurations and the patients pathology.
  • The flexible systems are composed of Maxitrans®, Meditrans® and Minitrans®
  • mattresses which make it easy to transfer heavy patients and those hard to manipulate.
  • The sliding sheets are used to transfer lighter patients
  • The transfer mattresses are made of nylon, specially manufactured and treated so as to reduce friction and to bring an exceptional sliding quality for all the same level horizontal transfers.
  • Minitrans® can be used as a rotaring pillow. It is recommended in cases of lumbago, hip prosthesis and can be used for naked patients.


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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 12 cm
Manual Transfer Products

Lying Down, Sitting


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